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Arrival date

  • 26.06.2020
  • 10.07.2020
  • 31.07.2020
  • 14.08.2020
  • 28.08.2020
  • Tour to Baikal in the summer of 2020 Dream of Baikal | BaikalTravelClub
  • Tour to Baikal in the summer of 2020 Dream of Baikal | BaikalTravelClub
  • Tour to Baikal in the summer of 2020 Dream of Baikal | BaikalTravelClub
  • Tour to Baikal in the summer of 2020 Dream of Baikal | BaikalTravelClub
  • Tour to Baikal in the summer of 2020 Dream of Baikal | BaikalTravelClub
  • Tour to Baikal in the summer of 2020 Dream of Baikal | BaikalTravelClub
  • Tour to Baikal in the summer of 2020 Dream of Baikal | BaikalTravelClub
  • Tour to Baikal in the summer of 2020 Dream of Baikal | BaikalTravelClub
from 59 000 rub
7 days / 6 nights
without a flight
The price is for 1 person with standard accommodation.


  • The Khamar-Daban Range

  • Picturesque Eco-center " Talovskoe"

  • Unreal Olkhon

  • Boundless steppe

  • Infinitely beautiful Baikal

  • Mysterious Cape Burhan


  • Olkhon island

  • Irkutsk

  • Listvyanka village

  • Shamanka rock

  • Buguldeyka village

  • Marble quarry

  • Cape Khoboy

  • Ogoy island

  • Listvyanka village

  • Taltsy

Price per tour for 1 person with standard accommodation.

Duration of the tour 7 days/6 nights

Price from 59 000 rub.

The price of the "Dream of Baikal" tour in 2020 includes:

1.       Sightseeing tour of Irkutsk

2.       Accommodation in Irkutsk, hotels of category no less than 3*

3.       A ticket to the Museum under the open air "Taltsy»

4.       Boat trip for lunch

5.       The ticket for the chair lift to the observation point at Listvyanka

6.       Accommodation in Listvyanka village, the rooms of category "Standard»

7.       All transfers and movements specified in the program

8.       Excursion to Buguldeyka village, to the marble quarry

9.       Food included: day 1: no food. Day 2-3-4-5: Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Day 6-Breakfast. Day 7-Breakfast.

10.   Accommodation on Olkhon island, the rooms of category "Standard»

11.   Evening excursion to Cape Burhan

12.   Excursion to Cape Khoboy

13.   Excursion to Ogoy island

14.   Tour guide services at the time of excursion programs

The price does not include:

1.       Additional meals, services and transfers that are not specified in the program or are specified at an additional cost.

2.       Alcoholic, tobacco, souvenir and other products.

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Tour program

We are glad to welcome You to Irkutsk - the capital of Eastern Siberia! Getting acquainted with the guide, at 09: 00 we start our tour of Baikal - departure to the hotel and accommodation, a short rest after a long road.

Irkutsk, which was born in the remote taiga, has already reached the European level after 25 years of its existence. Expensive carts from Yakutia, Transbaikalia, Mongolia and China traveled from Siberia to the Nizhny Novgorod fair. The Siberians used the money to bring home art objects, novelties in science and technology, and books. The houses of wealthy citizens were designed by the best architects of the time. Thanks to their art, the image of the city became respectable and romantic. At first glance, you will understand that the city is dominated by old and elegant wooden buildings.

After exploring the city, you will visit the "Irkutsk Sloboda" - a tourist center with restored historical buildings of the XVIII-XIX centuries, where you can walk among the beautiful wooden houses, take a picture against the background of the babra sculpture - the symbol of Irkutsk, make purchases in numerous shops and souvenir shops. Those who wish to return to the hotel by car.

Today in the program you will find:

The Taltsy architectural and ethnographic museum is a unique collection of historical, architectural and ethnographic monuments of the XVII-XIX centuries; the Museum is located on the picturesque Bank of the Angara river, on the 47th kilometer of the Baikal tract. Four historical and cultural zones of the Baikal region are retrospectively recreated here: Russian, Buryat, Evenk and Tofalar.

After the Museum, you will find an unusual lunch of Siberian cuisine right on the shore of the lake. Baikal is in a deserted place, we will go to this inaccessible corner by boat.

After lunch, we will go to the most picturesque observation platform in the village of Listvyanka- Chersky Rock, where you can enjoy a stunning view of lake Baikal and the Khamar-Daban mountain range, and the ascent is carried out by cable car. Cool photos, admiring and we go further to the conquest of lake Baikal.

A walk along the shore, new knowledge and we come to the souvenir market, where we can heartily stock up on all sorts of delights, Siberian tea and famous fish directly from the lake.

Return to Irkutsk in the evening. Dinner at the hotel and rest.

After Breakfast, transfer from the hotel to the village of Buguldeyka, where there is a marble quarry, which is rightly recognized as a favorite place for photography. After admiring lunch and departure to the pearl of lake Baikal - Olkhon island. Why the pearl? - Picturesque landscapes, steep cliffs, ancient legends and desert steppes, all this is a small part of the island's advantages. The total travel time will be 5-6 hours.

Arrival to the island, accommodation at the hotel and a short rest. Before dinner, you will walk to one of the nine shrines of Asia – Shamanka rock, which is composed of many stories and legends from the ancient peoples of Buryatia and shamans of the island itself.

Dinner at the hotel in the evening. Rest.

After Breakfast - departure for a car tour to the North of Olkhon island, which is famous for its rocky Cape Khoboy, where the "window to Baikal" is located, along the way there are many stops: Sandy tract, Cape Khoboy, Cape Shunte-left, Uzury. Amazingly beautiful and picturesque places with the strongest energy, lunch-picnic in nature will leave you only pleasant feelings and the coolest memorable photos.

At the end of the tour – return to the hotel. Dinner.

Breakfast. Today you will have a water excursion to Ogoy island, a place with incredible energy and insanely beautiful views. On the way, we will visit a small bay, near which there is a healing spring, and we will visit it. After lunch, we will go to the island itself. On Ogoy island there is a stupa of enlightenment, installed here in 2005, on the highest point of the island.

In the evening, return to the hotel, dinner.

Today you will have a free day on the island of Olkhon, today you can devote yourself to the:

  • Excursions to the South of Olkhon island
  • Independent exploration of the island by bicycle or on foot

  • Visiting the Small sea Islands on a boat trip (evening excursion)

  • Baikal tan on one of the longest beaches on lake Baikal – Saraysky

  • The visit to the national Buryat village

  • Horse walk

In General, there are many activities, so the choice is yours. Your rest will go the way you want.
After breakfast, return to Irkutsk. Today we say goodbye to Baikal in the hope that we will come again.

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